The “Doom” video game franchise is now 26 years old. That’s not stopping game developer id Software and publisher Bethesda from making a new “Doom Eternal” title, slated for March 2020.

Huawei’s founder and CEO had a confident message for the business leaders and politicians gathering in Davos: His company can withstand even greater hostility from the United States.

Uber on Tuesday agreed to sell its food delivery business in India to local rival Zomato. It is just the latest exit for Uber, as it makes good on a pledge to shed loss-making ventures.

Michael Bay’s explosion-fest 6 Underground was also super popular on Netflix in the past three months.

Before the aircraft can carry passengers again, the FAA still needs to certify it as safe.

Phones have been banned from the trial but smart watches are still in use, according to reporters.

Netflix surpassed 167 million subscribers, but growth was slowest in the US, the epicenter of the so-called streaming wars.

The future is about lasers that can see what you can’t.

Save about $40 on a bundle that combines a lightweight fitness band and Samsung’s true wireless earbuds.

These sharks can walk – CNET

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In the latest news out of Australia, sharks are walking now.