Social network says the president and his controversial tweets get no special treatment as he also must follow the company’s rules .

Mozilla’s browser can automatically dim the screen for iPhones and iPads at night. Also new: full-screen video in the Focus browser for Android.

Commentary: The Tesla and Boring Company founder says the government gave its blessing for an east coast Hyperloop. He just somehow failed to get it in writing.

In the first of several technical measures, Google will try to offer videos that counteract terrorist recruiting efforts.

An official Nokia website featured pictures of the unannounced Nokia 8 — and then erased the evidence.

Meet Andrew, an owl renter, a sucker for a good steak and a camera slinger who is always looking for that perfect shot.

Or is Nintendo just covering its bases legally?

The app can stabilize shaky video from your phone or produce a fast-forward version — all designed for easy sharing on social media, of course.

Cara Delevingne almost rescues Luc Besson’s extravagant, colourful, bizarre space opera.

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